Joe and Flo Lang formed a business partnership in the recruiting industry in 1987. At that time, the company offered only direct hire (individuals placed with a company for a fee.)

In 1990, because of the uncertainties of the economy, the decision of having a blended office made sense (direct hire/temporaries).

Having families who came from a food service background and Flo and Joe being recruiters, it made it easy to fill the request for fifteen servers at the Officer’s Club in 1991.  The event was so successful, following came orders for cooks, dishwashers, etc from the client.  It was then that the decision was made to name our company 5 Star Staffing.  Since 1991, the company has evolved to specializing in the food service industry.  Working with capable managers along the way, current President Mimi McCann used her fine-dining experience throughout the transition of the company to infuse our focus with a commitment to high standards and professionalism in the food service industry.

5 Star Staffing has long supported Central Ohio’s diverse economy. We are members of the Capital Area Safety Council, the Columbus Commitment to Achieving Pay Equality, the Conway Center for Family Business, the Ohio Recruiters Association, and the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce.

5 Star Staffing has been recognized by The State of Ohio, House of Representatives – representative Anne Gonzales, House District 19 and Speaker of The Ohio House of Representatives, Clifford A. Rosenberger, – for receiving the 25th anniversary Milestone Award from the Conway Center for Family Business.

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